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Toe Alignment Splint


Toe HoldŽ is designed to assist the physician treating patients with first MPJ realignment or stabilization needs. Following the hallux valgus procedure, Toe HoldŽ may be used to support and correct soft tissue. With a fractured hallux or turf toe, the Toe HoldŽ provides comfortable compression and support.

Adjustable, Stabilization of First Metatarsal-Phalangeal Joint

* Maintains the hallux in any corrective plane the physician desires (neutral, adducted, varus, dorsiflexed or plantarflexed position)
* Improves hallux purchase during ambulation by stretching post operative dorsal soft tissue contractures

Enlightened Rubber Construction

* Eliminates skin irritation (hypoallergenic) with patented, breathable material
* Provides gentle, secure and comfortable compression to assist in reduction of edema
Toe Alignment Splint


Post-op splint not included

One Piece Design


Applies easily and may be removed for range of motion exercises and then reapplied


Stretches to fit foot and toe without losing its stabilizing properties

Hand or Machine Washable


Provides months of use for post op patients


Prevents skin irritation due to soiled post-op splint
Size Foot Item #
Small/Medium Right BMI-50201
Small/Medium Left BMI-50202
Medium/Large Right BMI-50203
Medium/Large Left BMI-50204


$24.95 Each


Hours are 8am to 6pm CST

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