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Lumbo-Thoracic Support


Thoracic Lumbar support


Indicated where thoracic and lumbar support is needed. 20" high at spine and contoured at top and bottom to 8" in front. Back and lumbar width is 12". New Feature: Padded shoulder straps adjust and secure in front for ease of entry. Crisscrossing abdominal straps require minimal strength and provide exceptional support.

See The Lumbo Thoracic Short Model
(For the Shorter Patient)


Size Waist Circumference Item #
Small 24"-30" CMO-2402
Medium 32"-38" CMO-2403
Large 40"-46" CMO-2404
X-Large 48"-54" CMO-2405


$99.95 Each



Hours are 8am to 6pm CST

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