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Hamstring Compression Wrap by PRO-TEC®


Tight hamstring muscles, and repetitive strain are common types of hamstring injuries.

Application: Alleviates conditions of hamstring tear or strain.

How It Works: Absorbs stress, stabilizing hamstring area. Consistent compression may help reduce pain and prevent further injury.

Design Theory: The Hamstring Compression Wrap is designed with a 4" by 6" compression pad to provide targeted compression where you need it. It is made from a UBL neoprene that is extemely comfortable and Velcro compatible. In addition, a dual strap attachment makes it easy to adjust the tightness and compression of the brace.


Hamstring Tear or Strain:

Causes: Tight hamstring muscles, muscle imbalance, sudden movement, and repetitive strain are all common types of hamstring injuries.

Symptoms: A sharp pain may be felt in the hamstring when a serious strain or tear occurs. This often happens during such action as an explosive move in basketball or a quick sprint. If you feel a deep ache in the hamstring area it may be a less severe strain or minor tear

Recommended Treatment: See a medical professional for an evaluation. Rest leg as much as possible and ice after any activity to promote healing. Use a brace when participating in any strenuous activity to reduce stress to area. Stretch the hamstring muscles as long as stretching causes no pain.


Pro-tec® Hamstring Wrap Sizing
One Size Fits All
Size Item #
Universal PT-7500


Price $24.95


Hours are 8am to 6pm CST

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